§16-2-17. Event permit fees good for a year, reciprocity from other state health departments.

(a) A temporary food service permit issued by a local or county health department to an in-state vendor in their county of residence for preparing and selling non-potentially hazardous foods at a festival, scheduled event, or similar activity which is valid for any time period less than annual and any permit fee paid shall be valid for an entire calendar year for the vendor regardless of the length of time for which the first permit is issued and regardless of the number of subsequent festivals, events or activities for which the vendor requires the same permit. Non-potentially hazardous foods mean food that does not require time or temperature control for safety to limit pathogenic microorganism growth or toxin formation.

(b) The permit shall also be valid in the counties that border the vendor’s county of residence or 25 air miles, whichever is greater.  No health department within these defined areas may charge a permit fee to any in-state vendor that has received a temporary food service permit to prepare and sell non-potentially hazardous foods by the other in-state health department during the same calendar year for the same type of activity, but may place conditions and limitations upon an issued permit to assure compliance with that health departments rules and standards for the type of permit being issued. Each vendor must provide notice to the local health department with jurisdiction at least 14 days prior to the start of the festival, event or activity. The permit must be visibly posted at the festival, event, or activity or the permit is not valid.

(c) The Secretary shall review and modernize legislative rules regarding local boards of health fees located in 64 CSR 30 in the next filing period.

§16-2-17. Event permit fees good for a year, reciprocity from other state health departments.

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