§17-16B-8. Designation of local port authority districts, powers and duties; plan for development.

(a) Upon application by a local governmental entity, groups of local governmental entities, or joint venture of local government entity or entities and private industry, the board may grant authority for the creation of a local inland port authority district. In so authorizing such entities, political subdivisions of this state are authorized to join with other political subdivisions of this and sister states to form a local port authority. In deciding on a local port district designation, consideration shall be given to the following:

(1) Areas which have entered into a joint venture with private industry;

(2) Areas for which the political subdivision(s) seeking designation has made or will make the greatest effort, both financially and otherwise, to encourage the establishment of facilities to enhance the efficiency and cost of the movement of goods and services to and from markets in West Virginia, or will make the greatest effort to encourage the construction and completion of infrastructure projects, including all types of transportation systems.

(b) A local port authority district provided for in this article has the authority to establish a local board of directors, and has powers only as provided for by the state board of directors. In no event shall the powers of a local port authority district supersede the powers of the state authority.

Any board of directors of a port authority district shall prepare or cause to be prepared a plan for the future development, construction and improvement of its services and facilities.