§17-16B-9. Construction and operation of facilities by private enterprise; leasing of facilities by port authority.

(a) The authority or local port authority districts shall foster and encourage the participation of private enterprise in the development of the port facilities to the fullest extent it deems practicable in the interest of limiting the necessity of construction and operation of such facilities by the port authority. In this respect, the authority or local port authority districts may upon its own motion or upon the written request of any other party, advertise and solicit for the construction, operations and/or maintenance of any facility included in the development plan in accordance to plans, specifications and regulations therefor prepared by the board of directors.

(b) It is further provided that in the event the board of directors of the port authority or the local port authority districts deem it advisable and practicable, said board may cause certain facilities included in the development plan to be installed by private enterprise and leased back to the authority or local port authority districts on an installment contract or option to purchase: Provided, That any such lease back arrangement must be financially feasible and any bonds or loans utilized to enter into such lease bank arrangement shall be repayable in full from the expected rentals to be generated by such facility.