18-30A-10. Opening a Jumpstart Savings Account; deposits.

(a) Beginning on July 1, 2022, a person may open a Jumpstart Savings Account.

(b) To open a Jumpstart Savings Account, the account owner must:

(1) Provide all information required by the Treasurer;

(2) Make a minimum opening deposit of $25; and

(3) Name a single person as the designated beneficiary: Provided, That the designated beneficiary may be the account owner himself or herself, or another person: Provided, however, That the beneficiary may not be a business, corporation, or enterprise.

(c) The Treasurer will deposit $100 from the Jumpstart Savings Expense Fund into a newly opened Jumpstart Savings Account if the following criteria are met:

(1) The designated beneficiary is a resident of West Virginia; and

(2) The account is opened when the designated beneficiary is under 18 years of age; or

(3) The account is opened within the 180 days following the date of the designated beneficiary’s enrollment in an apprenticeship or educational program described in §18-30A-11(c)(1)(A) of this code.

(d) Any person may make a contribution to a Jumpstart Savings Account after the account is opened, subject to applicable state and federal laws.

(e) The Treasurer shall prescribe all forms required to open and make deposits to a Jumpstart Savings Account and make the forms available in a prominent location on the Treasurer’s website.

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