§18-30A-11. Distributions; qualified expenses.

(a) A distribution from a Jumpstart Savings Account that was used to pay for qualified expenses, as defined in subsection (c) of this section, shall establish entitlement of the distributee to the personal income tax decreasing modification authorized by §11-21-12m(b) of this code, and such decreasing modification may be applied to determine West Virginia adjusted gross income of the distributee in the taxable year in which such qualified expenses were paid.

(b) A change in the designated beneficiary of a Jumpstart Savings Account is not a distribution for the purposes of this article or §11-21-1 et seq. of this code if the new beneficiary is a family member of the prior beneficiary.

(c) Qualified expenses. —

(1) For the purposes of this article and §11-21-12m of this code, expenditures of distributions for the following purposes are qualified expenses:

(A) The purchase of tools, equipment, or supplies by the beneficiary to be used exclusively in an occupation or profession for which the beneficiary is required to:

(i) Complete an apprenticeship program registered and certified with the United States Department of Labor, as provided in 29 U.S.C. § 50;

(ii) Complete an apprenticeship program required by any provision of this code or a legislative rule promulgated pursuant to this code;

(iii) Earn a license or certification from an Advanced Career Education (ACE) career center; or

(iv) Earn an associate degree or certification from a community and technical college.

(B) Fees for required certification or licensure for the beneficiary to practice a trade or occupation described in paragraph (A) of this subdivision in this state; and

(C) Costs incurred by the beneficiary that are necessary to establish a business in this state in which the beneficiary will practice an occupation or profession described in paragraph (A) of this subdivision, when the costs are exclusively incurred and paid for the purpose of establishing and operating such business.

(2) In no event shall any dues, fees, subscriptions, or any other payments to a labor organization constitute qualified expenses for the purposes of this article.

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