§18-30A-2. Findings.

(a) The Legislature recognizes the importance of cultivating an environment in West Virginia where our tradespersons and entrepreneurs can be successful in their careers and remain in their home state. The Legislature finds that a savings and investment program to assist our citizens who wish to embark on a new trade or establish a new business within this state, is an investment in the future of West Virginia and its hardworking citizens.

(b) The Legislature further finds that, whenever possible, this article should be read in pari materia and construed in harmony with the West Virginia College Savings Program Act, §18-30-1 et seq. of this code.

(c) The Legislature further finds that interests in the Jumpstart Savings Program Trust are intended:

(1) To qualify for relevant federal securities law exemptions for public instrumentalities of a state; and

(2) To be exempt from registration under Chapter 32 of the West Virginia Code, titled the “Uniform Securities Act.”