§19-9-3. Consulting veterinarians to assist commissioner.

The commissioner shall have authority to appoint, subject to dismissal by him at any time, such consulting veterinarians as may be necessary from time to time to assist him in discharging the duties imposed upon him by this article. Each consulting veterinarian shall be registered as required by article ten, chapter thirty of this code, and shall receive a per diem, and actual expenses, to be determined by the commissioner, for the time actually engaged in carrying out the directions of the commissioner, which per diem and expenses shall be paid out of the current appropriation made for the enforcement of this article.

Whenever any incorporated city of this state shall have in its employ any veterinary sanitary officer engaged in the inspection of meat, milk or animals, and such officer is a registered veterinarian as aforesaid, the commissioner may appoint such city veterinary sanitary officer a consulting veterinarian, but such officer shall not be entitled to compensation or expenses from both the state and city for the same service.

Bill History For §19-9-3

1967 Regular Session
Senate Bill 97