§19-9-4. Inspectors of animals.

The commissioner may appoint, at different points in the state, inspectors to examine and inspect any of the animals enumerated in this article which are to be moved to states where the sanitary laws require such examination and inspection, with authority to issue certificates of inspection in the name of the state Department of Agriculture in such form as the commissioner may prescribe. Such inspectors shall be registered veterinarians, and the appointment of any such inspector may, at any time, be revoked by the commissioner.

The commissioner shall regulate and fix the fees to be charged by the inspector, which fees shall be paid by the owner requesting such examination and inspection, and the inspector shall receive no compensation from the state for any such service he may render.

Upon the request of any owner for an examination and inspection of such animals and tender of the fees authorized to be charged therefor, it shall be the duty of the inspector to examine and inspect such animals and to issue and deliver to such owner a certificate of inspection showing the results of such examination and inspection.