§20-5-4. Definitions; state parks and recreation system.

As used in this article, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

"Bonds" shall mean bonds issued by the director.

"Cost of project" shall embrace the cost of construction, the cost of all land, property, material and labor which are deemed essential thereto, cost of improvements, financing charges, interest during construction and all other expenses, including legal fees, trustees", engineers" and architects" fees which are necessary or properly incidental to the project.

"Project" shall be deemed to mean collectively the acquisition of land, the construction of any buildings or other works, together with incidental approaches, structures and facilities, reasonably necessary and useful in order to provide new or improved recreational facilities.

"Recreational facilities" shall mean and embrace cabins, lodges, swimming pools, golf courses, restaurants, commissaries and other revenue producing facilities in any state park or state forest.

"Rent or rental" shall include all moneys received for the use of any recreational facility.

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