§20-5-5. Authority of director to issue park development revenue bonds; grants and gifts.

The director, with the approval of the Governor, is hereby empowered to raise the cost of any project, as defined in this article, by the issuance of park development revenue bonds of the state, the principal of and interest on the bonds shall be payable solely from the special fund herein provided for the payment. The bonds shall be authorized by order of the director, approved by the Governor, which shall recite an estimate by the director of the cost of the project, and shall provide for the issuance of bonds in an amount sufficient, when sold as hereinafter provided, to produce the cost, less the amount of any grant or grants, gift or gifts received, or in the opinion of the director expected to be received from the United States of America or from any other source. The acceptance by the director of any and all grants and gifts, whether in money or in land, labor or materials, is hereby expressly authorized. All bonds shall have and are hereby declared to have all the qualities of negotiable instruments under the provisions of article eight, chapter forty-six of this code. The director shall have the power:

(a) To issue negotiable bonds, security interests or notes and to provide for and secure the payment thereof and to provide for the rights of the holders thereof and to purchase, hold and dispose of any of its bonds, security interests or notes.

(b) To sell, at public or private sale, any bond or other negotiable instrument, security interests or obligation of the director in any manner and upon such terms as the director deems would best serve the purposes set forth herein.

(c) To issue its bonds, security interests and notes payable solely from the revenues or funds available to the director therefor; and the director may issue its bonds, security interests or notes in such principal amounts as it shall deem necessary to provide funds for any purposes herein including:

(i) The payment, funding or refunding of the principal of, interest on or redemption premiums on any bonds, security interests or notes issued by it whether the bonds, security interests, notes or interest to be funded or refunded have or have not become due.

(ii) The establishment or increase of reserves to secure or to pay bonds, security interests, notes or the interest thereon and all other costs or expenses of the director incident to and necessary or convenient to carry out its purposes and powers. Any bonds, security interests or notes may be additionally secured by a pledge of any revenues, funds, assets or moneys of the special fund herein provided.

(d) To issue renewal notes, or security interests, to issue bonds to pay notes or security interests and, whenever it deems refunding expedient, to refund any bonds by the issuance of new bonds, whether the bonds to be refunded have or have not matured except that no such renewal notes shall be issued to mature more than ten years from date of issuance of the notes renewed, and no such refunding bonds shall be issued to mature more than twenty-five years from the date of original issuance.

(e) To apply the proceeds from the sale of renewal notes, security interests or refunding bonds to the purchase, redemption or payment of the notes, security interests or bonds to be refunded.

(f) To accept gifts or grants or property, funds, security interests, money, materials, labor, supplies or services from the United States of America or from any governmental unit or any person, firm or corporation and to carry out the terms or provisions of, or make agreements with respect to, or pledge, any gifts or grants and to do any and all things necessary, useful, desirable or convenient in connection with the procuring, acceptance or disposition of gifts or grants.

(g) To the extent permitted under its contracts with the holders of bonds, security interests or notes of the authority, to consent to any modification of the rate of interest, time of payment of any installment of principal or interest, security or any other term of any bond, security interest, note or contract or agreement of any kind to which the director is a party.

(h) The director shall determine the form of the bonds, including coupons to be attached thereto to evidence the right of interest payments, which bonds shall be signed by the director, under the great seal of the state, attested by the Secretary of State and the coupons attached thereto shall bear the facsimile signature of the director. In case any of the officers whose signatures appear on bonds or coupons shall cease to be officers before the delivery of the bonds, the signatures shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes the same as if they had remained in office until such delivery.

(i) The director shall fix the denominations of the bonds, the principal and interest of which shall be payable at the Office of the Treasurer of the State of West Virginia, at the capitol of the state or, at the option of the holder, at such other place to be named in the bonds in such medium as may be determined by the director.

(j) The director may provide for the registration of the bonds in the name of the owner as to principal alone, and as to both principal and interest under such terms and conditions as the director may determine, and shall sell the bonds in such manner as he or she may determine to be for the best interest of the state, taking into consideration the financial responsibility of the purchaser and the terms and conditions of the purchase and especially the availability of the proceeds of the bonds when required for payment of the cost of the project.

(k) The proceeds of the bonds shall be used solely for the payment of the cost of the project and shall be deposited and withdrawn as provided by section thirteen-g of this article, and under such further restrictions, if any, as the director may provide.

(l) If the proceeds of such bonds, by error in calculation or otherwise, shall be less than the cost of the project, additional bonds may in like manner be issued to provide the amount of the deficiency and, unless otherwise provided for in the trust agreement hereinafter mentioned, shall be deemed to be of the same issue and shall be entitled to payment from the same fund without preference or priority as the bonds before issued.

(m) If the proceeds of bonds issued for the project shall exceed the cost thereof, the surplus shall be paid into a special fund to be established for payment of the principal and interest of the bonds as specified in the trust agreement provided for in the following section. The fund may be used for the purchase of any of the outstanding bonds payable from such fund at the market price, but not exceeding the price, if any, which bonds shall in the same year be redeemable, and all bonds redeemed or purchased shall forthwith be canceled and shall not again be issued. Prior to the preparation of definitive bonds, the director may, under like restrictions, issue temporary bonds with or without coupons exchangeable for definitive bonds upon the issuance of the latter. The revenue bonds may be issued without any other proceedings or the happening of any other conditions or things than those proceedings, conditions and things which are specified and required herein or by the Constitution of the state.

§20-5-5. Authority of director to issue park development revenue bonds; grants and gifts.

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1965 Regular Session
Senate Bill 50