§24-1-6. Office of commission; time and place of hearings; number of commissioners required for taking action.

The general office of the commission shall be kept at the seat of government and in charge of the secretary or his or her deputy. Hearings and the taking of evidence may be had at such times and places and in such manner in each particular case as the commission may designate. If the sole purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment or protest, then not less than one commissioner is required to be present.

The concurrent judgment of two of the commissioners, when in session as the commission, shall be deemed the action of the commission, and a vacancy in the commission shall not affect the right or duty of the remaining commissioners to function as a commission.

Bill History For §24-1-6

1979 Regular Session
House Bill 1280
1971 Regular Session
House Bill 801
1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1