§24-2-1g. Rate incentives for utility investment in qualified clean coal and clean air control technology facilities.

(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the State of West Virginia has been a major supplier of coal to the electric power industry both within and outside of the State of West Virginia; the congress of the United States is currently considering legislation to limit the emissions of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen from coal fired electric generating plants; the continued use of coal for generating electrical energy can be accomplished in an environmentally acceptable manner through the use of current state of the art and emerging clean coal and clean air technology; it is in the interest of the economy of West Virginia to encourage the use of such technologies for the production of electricity and steam; revenues from the continued production of coal are important to the State of West Virginia and are necessary for the funding of education and other vital state services; the construction of electric utility generation and transmission facilities may continue for many years following the finalization of plans for such facilities; and the prudence of the construction of such facilities may be affected by changing conditions during the extended interval between finalization of plans and completion of construction.

(b) Upon a finding that it is in the public interest of this state, as provided in section one, article one of this chapter, the Public Service Commission shall authorize rate-making allowances for electric utility investment in clean coal and clean air technology facilities or electric utility purchases of power from clean coal technology facilities located in West Virginia which shall provide an incentive to encourage investments in such technology.

(c) For purposes of this section a qualified clean coal or clean air technology facility must use coal produced in West Virginia for no less than seventy-five percent of its fuel requirements.

(d) The Public Service Commission shall determine, at such time and in such proceeding, form and manner as is considered appropriate by the commission, the extent to which any electric utility investment or purchases of power qualify for incentive rate-making pursuant to this section.

§24-2-1g. Rate incentives for utility investment in qualified clean coal and clean air control technology facilities.

Bill History For §24-2-1G

1990 Third Special Session
Senate Bill 8