§3-1C-4. Requirements for accessible voting technology and systems.

(a) If any county upgrades or replaces existing voting equipment or an existing voting system and the upgraded or new equipment or system is certified by the Secretary of State to have the capability to provide or the capability to be upgraded to provide blind and visually impaired individuals with nonvisual access which is equivalent to that access provided to individuals who are not blind or visually impaired, then the county must purchase or lease at least one voting mechanism which provides such nonvisual access to be used during the period of voting regular absentee ballots in person. The voting mechanism must also be used in a precinct, as designated by the county commission, on election day.

(b) The county commission of any county may place voting mechanisms that provide nonvisual access to blind or visually impaired persons in as many other precincts of the county as the county commission determines is feasible for use on election day, if the type of voting mechanism to be used has been certified by the Secretary of State.

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