§3-2-1. Permanent voter registration law; uniform system of voter registration.

(a) This article, providing a permanent and uniform system for the registration of the voters of the State of West Virginia, may be cited as the "Permanent Voter Registration Law."

(b) A permanent voter registration system is hereby established which shall be uniform in its requirements throughout the state and all of its subdivisions. No voter so registered shall be required to register again for any election while continuing to reside within the same county, unless the voter's registration is canceled as provided in this article.

(c) A person who is not eligible or not duly registered to vote shall not be permitted to vote at any election in any subdivision of the state, except that such a voter may cast a "provisional" or "challenged" ballot as provided in this chapter if the voter's eligibility or registration is in question, and such "provisional" or "challenged" ballot may be counted only if a positive determination of the voter's eligibility and proper registration can be ascertained.

Bill History For §3-2-1

1963 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2
1941 Regular Session
House Bill 206