§3-4A-1. Use of electronic voting systems authorized.

(a) Electronic voting systems may be used for the purpose of registering or recording and computing votes cast in general, special and primary elections: Provided, That the use of the electronic voting systems shall be governed by the terms, conditions, restrictions and limitations imposed by this article.

(b) Each county which is authorized to use electronic voting systems in any statewide election shall establish a written policy for securing the electronic voting equipment. The policy shall outline how the equipment is secured from tampering and under what circumstances county personnel are authorized to have access. The clerk of the county commission shall submit a copy of the policy to the Secretary of State by February 1 in each even-numbered year. The clerk shall also submit a copy of any change to the policy within thirty days after its adoption.

§3-4A-1. Use of electronic voting systems authorized.

Bills Affecting §3-4A-1

2007 Regular Session: SB610
2001 Regular Session: HB3066