§3-4A-2. Definitions.

As used in this article, unless otherwise specified:

(1) "Automatic tabulating equipment" means all apparatus necessary to electronically count votes recorded on ballots, tabulate the results and produce necessary reports;

(2) "Ballot" means a logical or physical device that presents races, candidates and contests, and facilitates the capture of the voter's choices or intent;

(3) "Central counting center" means a facility equipped with suitable and necessary automatic tabulating equipment, selected by the county commission, for the electronic counting of votes recorded on ballots;

(4) "Electronic poll book" means an electronic device containing voter registration information for the purpose of facilitating voting at the precinct;

(5) "Electronic voting system" is one or more integrated devices that utilize an electronic component for the following functions: Ballot presentation, vote capture, vote recording and tabulation;

(6) "Standard validation test deck" means a group of ballots wherein all voting possibilities which can occur in an election are represented;

(7) "Vote-recording device" means equipment that captures and records voter intent by marking a screen to record selections or by using electronically sensible ink to mark selections; and

(8) "Voter verified paper audit trail" means a physical printout on which the voter's ballot choices, as registered by a direct recording device, are recorded. This shall be visible to the voter and shall be securely locked to avoid tampering.

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