§4-11-1. Legislative findings and purpose.

The Legislature finds and declares that in order to carry out its responsibility for the enactment of all appropriations needed for the operation of state government, the Legislature needs continuous and accurate accounts of the amounts and purposes of all federal funds being requested, received or expended by the various agencies and departments of the state. The Legislature further finds and declares that the increased availability of and reliance on federal financial assistance has a substantial impact upon the programs, priorities and fiscal affairs of the state. It is the purpose of this article to clarify and specify the role of the Legislature in appropriating federal funds received by the state in all events, including public emergencies, and in prescribing, by general law, the required form and detail of the itemization and classification of proposed appropriations to assure that state purposes are served and legislative priorities are adhered to by the acceptance and use of such funds.

Bill History For §4-11-1

1982 Regular Session
Senate Bill 22