§44A-3-8. Conservator’s inventory.

(a) Within sixty days following entry of an order of appointment, a conservator shall file with the court an inventory of the real and personal estate of the protected person which has come into the conservator’s possession or knowledge. The inventory shall include, with reasonable detail, a listing of each item of the estate, its approximate fair market value and the type and amount of encumbrance to which it is subject. The inventory shall list with reasonable detail any items that the conservator believes are valueless and intends to abandon. If any real or personal estate comes into the possession or knowledge of the conservator subsequent to the filing of the initial inventory, the conservator shall either amend the inventory or list the same in the next accounting required to be filed with the court, as described in this section.

(b) A conservator shall mail a copy of the inventory to the individuals and entities who received notice of hearing, as specified in section six, article two of this chapter, no later than fourteen days following its presentation of the inventory.

(c) Any person who knowingly violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than $25 nor than more $100.