§44A-3-9. Accountings by conservator.

Any conservator appointed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall file periodic accountings as provided for under section eleven of this article.

(a) The accounting shall include:

(1) A listing of the receipts, disbursements and distributions from the estate under the conservator’s control during the period covered by the accounting;

(2) A listing of the estate;

(3) The services being provided to the protected person;

(4) The significant actions taken by the conservator during the reporting period;

(5) A recommendation as to the continued need for conservatorship and any recommended change in the scope of the conservatorship.

(6) Any other information requested by the court or useful in the opinion of the conservator;

(7) The compensation requested and the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the conservator; and

(8) A verification signed by the conservator stating that all of the information contained in the accounting is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge.

(b) The court may order the conservator to attend a hearing on the accounting by motion of the court or upon the petition of any interested person. An accounting by a conservator may be incorporated into and made a part of the report of the guardian.