§5A-12-13. Spot compliance audits by the State Auditor.

(a) Beginning July 1, 2019, the State Auditor shall conduct spot compliance audits to monitor operator, spending unit, and fleet coordinator records and reports for accuracy and compliance with the record keeping provisions of this article. The State Auditor shall conduct a spot compliance audit on not less than 20 percent of the state vehicle fleet annually, in order to conduct spot compliance audits of all state vehicle records on a five-year cycle.

 (b) A spending unit found to be noncompliant with the recordkeeping provisions of this article may be subject to further compliance monitoring as the State Auditor and director deem necessary.

(c) The State Auditor shall report to the division the findings of each spot compliance audit. Such reports shall list the spending units and fleet coordinators audited, and verify:

(1) That state vehicle drivers of the spending unit have complied with applicable training requirements and are keeping complete and accurate vehicle logs;

(2) That spending unit fleet coordinators have attended training, and are compiling and maintaining the state vehicle records required by this article; and

(3) The accuracy of fleet coordinator reporting in the manner consistent with the provisions of this article.

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