§5A-12-5. Rule-making authority; emergency rules.

(a) The director shall propose legislative rules as may be necessary to implement this article, in accordance with §29A-3-1 et seq. of this code. Those rules shall include, but not be limited to:

(1) Requirements governing the use of state vehicles;

(2) Reporting requirements and responsibilities for fleet coordinators;

(3) Requirements and responsibilities for each driver or operator of a state vehicle;

(4) Information to be collected and maintained on state vehicle log sheets, including information related to mileage, destinations, and purpose of use;

(5) The form and manner for each spending unit fleet coordinator to report to the division, including any electronic format as deemed necessary by the director;

(6) The information that each spending unit fleet coordinator shall collect and maintain regarding state vehicle use by the spending unit;

(7) The information for spending unit fleet coordinators to annually report to the division regarding state vehicle use;

(8) Requirements and policies governing commuting in and taking home state vehicles; and

(9) Requirements and policies governing volunteer and non-public employee drivers.

(b) All rules of the Fleet Management Office in effect on the effective date of this article shall remain in effect until they are amended, replaced, or repealed: Provided, That these rules shall expire on July 1, 2021, if not sooner superseded.

(c) On or before June 15, 2018, the director shall propose emergency legislative rules which may amend or modify existing legislative rules governing the use of state vehicles pursuant to §5A-12-1 et seq. of this code to implement the provisions of this article.