§5A-12-6. Vehicle operator regulations; training.

(a) Each operator of a state vehicle, shall maintain the vehicle logs to the level of detail required by the division through legislative rules, and as may be required by the spending unit.

(b) Each operator of a state vehicle shall comply with the laws, rules, and policies governing state vehicle use, including spending unit rules and policies.

(c) Prior to operating a state vehicle, each operator shall be required to take such training courses as may be required by the Board of Risk and Insurance Management, the Travel Management Office, the Fleet Management Division, and the spending unit.

(d) If any public employee or public official fails to comply with any rule or regulation for state vehicle use, the spending unit may require that the individual attend training, be restricted from using state vehicles, or be prohibited from using state vehicles: Provided, That nothing in this section authorizes the division to restrict the use of state vehicles except for those employees under its control.