§5A-3-33b. Scope.

The provisions of sections thirty-three-a through thirty-three-f of this article govern the debarment of vendors with regard to bids under the following provisions of this code:

(a) Section one, article twenty-two, chapter five, relating to bids for construction contracts by the state and its subdivisions;

(b) Section eleven, article three, chapter five-a, relating to the purchase of supplies and printing by the state;

(c) Section eleven, article one, chapter seven, relating to bids for the purchase of commodities and printing by county commissions;

(d) Sections nineteen and twenty, article four, chapter seventeen, relating to bids for construction and reconstruction of state roads and bridges and the furnishing of materials and supplies therefor;

(e) Article nine-d, chapter eighteen, relating to the awarding of contracts by the School Building Authority; and

(f) Sections four and five, article five, chapter eighteen-b, relating to expenditures by the governing boards for higher education.

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