§5A-3-33c. Duties.

The director has primary responsibility for administering the debarment process. The director's duties include:

(a) Obtaining lists of vendors declared ineligible under federal laws and regulations;

(b) Notification of all contracting officials for the state and its subdivisions regarding debarred vendors;

(c) Compiling and maintaining a current, consolidated list of all vendors that have been debarred or declared ineligible, the period of such debarment, and the reasons therefor;

(d) Investigating complaints about vendors from the officials of the state and its subdivisions responsible for contracting with vendors for supplies and services;

(e) Initiating and conducting debarment procedures;

(f) Proposing rules for legislative approval, pursuant to the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, for the operation of the debarment process described in the provisions of sections thirty-three-a through thirty-three-f of this article.

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