§5B-2G-5. West Virginia Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund - Powers.

The board has the following general powers on behalf of the fund:

(a) Power to sue. -- To sue and be sued in contractual matters in its own name.

(b) Power to contract. -- To enter into contracts generally and to execute all instruments necessary or appropriate to carry out its purposes.

(c) Power to conserve land. -- To acquire interests in real property for conservation purposes.

(d) Power to transfer. -- To transfer interests in real property for conservation purposes.

(e) Power to disburse grants. -- To act as a granting authority to award grants to eligible grant recipients in accordance with section nine of this article.

(f) Power to seek funding. -- To apply for and receive funding from any and all state, federal and private sources to be used as provided in this chapter.

(g) Power to authorize bond issuance. -- To direct the Economic Development Authority to issue revenue bonds payable from the portion of the recording fee imposed in section ten, article one, chapter fifty-nine of this code to be allocated to the fund and any other special revenue made against to the fund for this purpose in accordance with section eight of this article or other provisions of this code.

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