§6-11-1. Persons entitled to leave.

Any person holding any office or position of public trust, responsibility or service, elective or appointive, in the government of this state or in any county, municipality or any other unit or combined unit of government therein, who may enter the military, naval, marine corps or coast guard service of the United States of America, may obtain a leave of absence from such office or position and, upon the completion of and discharge from any of such armed services, shall have the right to reassume for the unexpired or remaining term thereof, the office or position held by such person at the time of entering any of such armed services. The officer, court, tribunal, board or person having the power to make an original appointment to such office or position, or to make an appointment to fill a vacancy therein, shall, upon request, grant such leave of absence. The reassumption of any office or position as herein provided shall be without any prejudice whatsoever to the status, merit rating or standing of the holder thereof by reason of his absence therefrom while in the aforesaid armed services of the United States.

Bill History For §6-11-1

1941 Regular Session
House Bill 115
1941 Regular Session
Senate Bill 174