§6-7-5. Mileage and expenses of judges.

A judge of the Supreme Court of Appeals and of a circuit court shall be entitled to an allowance for mileage at the rate of 15¢ for each mile, to be computed according to the distance by the nearest practicable route necessarily traveled from his place of residence, to the place of holding any term of court in a county other than that of his residence, and from such place to his residence; and a judge of the circuit court shall be paid the sum of $35 per day as expenses while holding court in a county other than that in which he resides: Provided, That no judge of a circuit court shall be paid mileage and expenses for holding more than ten terms of court in any county in any one year, including regular, adjourned and special terms. The mileage and expenses provided for in this article shall be paid to any judge out of the State Treasury as and when the salary of such judge is payable.

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