§60-8-30. Exclusive franchise agreements prohibited.

It shall be illegal for any manufacturer, winery, farm winery or supplier to enter into any exclusive franchise agreement with any distributor whereby any such distributor is given the exclusive right within this state or in any given territory within this state to distribute the product or products of such manufacturer which are to be sold or distributed pursuant to the provisions of this article. Further, all agreements between a manufacturer, winery, farm winery or supplier and a distributor must be in writing and on file with the commissioner and all such agreements must provide for termination of either party provided that notice of termination is provided in writing and by certified mail to the commissioner and all parties to the agreement ninety days prior to the termination date. Once the notice has been received by either party, the distributor shall: (1) Use the ninety-day period to deplete such distributor's affected wine inventory; or (2) reach some agreement with the manufacturer, winery, farm winery or supplier to return unused salable wine inventory or receive payment for unused salable wine inventory. No new distributor shall be appointed until the conclusion of the ninety days or as the parties have otherwise agreed to complete the termination. For the purposes of this article, "salable" shall mean inventory fit for human consumption or as otherwise determined by the commissioner.

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