§60-8-29. Bond required of distributors and suppliers.

Each applicant for a distributor's license or a supplier's license shall furnish at the time of application a bond with a corporate surety authorized to transact business in this state, payable to the state, and conditioned on the payment of all taxes and fees herein prescribed and on the faithful performance of and compliance with the provisions of this article.

The penal sum of the bond for distributors shall be $10,000 and the penal sum of the bond for suppliers shall be $10,000. Each distributor shall be required to furnish separate bond for each location or separate place of business from which wine is distributed, sold or delivered. Revocation or forfeiture of the bond furnished for any such location may, in the discretion of the commissioner, cause the revocation or forfeiture of all such bonds furnished by the distributor suffering such revocation or forfeiture.

Bills Affecting §60-8-29

2007 Regular Session: SB712
2020 Regular Session: HB4159
2020 Regular Session: SB629
2021 Regular Session: HB2025
2021 Regular Session: SB299