§61-3C-2. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(a) The computer and related industries play an essential role in the commerce and welfare of this state.

(b) Computer-related crime is a growing problem in business and government.

(c) Computer-related crime has a direct effect on state commerce and can result in serious economic and, in some cases, physical harm to the public.

(d) Because of the pervasiveness of computers in today's society, opportunities are great for computer related crimes through the introduction of false records into a computer or computer system, the unauthorized use of computers and computer facilities, the alteration and destruction of computers, computer programs and computer data, and the theft of computer resources, computer software and computer data.

(e) Because computers have now become an integral part of society, the Legislature recognizes the need to protect the rights of owners and legitimate users of computers and computer systems, as well as the privacy interest of the general public, from those who abuse computers and computer systems.

(f) While various forms of computer crime or abuse might possibly be the subject of criminal charges or civil suit based on other provisions of law, it is appropriate and desirable that a supplemental and additional statute be provided which specifically proscribes various forms of computer crime and abuse and provides criminal penalties and civil remedies therefor.

Bill History For §61-3C-2

1989 Regular Session
Senate Bill 92