§7-3-1. Conveyances or devises to county.

No words in any devise or conveyance of real estate to a county, or the county court thereof, or in any contract for the conveyance of real estate to a county or the county court thereof, expressing the purpose for which such real estate is devised, conveyed or sold, or is to be used, shall limit or impair the power of such county court to dispose thereof absolutely or use the same for another purpose, unless it be expressly declared in such instrument that whenever the said real estate shall cease to be used for the purpose, or in the manner therein specified, it shall revert to the former owner, his heirs or assigns. Every devise or conveyance of, or contract to convey, land within the limits of a county, heretofore or hereafter made, in any manner to or in trust for or for the use or benefit of such county, its people or inhabitants, shall have the same effect as if made to the county court of such county.

Bill History For §7-3-1

1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1