§8A-8-11. Notice and hearing of appeal.

(a) Within ten days of receipt of the appeal by the board of Zoning Appeals, the board shall set a time for the hearing of the appeal and give notice. The hearing on the appeal must be held within forty-five days of receipt of the appeal by the board.

(b) At least fifteen days prior to the date set for the hearing on the appeal, the board of Zoning Appeals shall publish a notice of the date, time and place of the hearing on the appeal as a Class I legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty-nine of this code and written notice shall be given to the interested parties. The publication area shall be the area covered in the appeal.

(c) The Board of Zoning Appeals may require the party taking the appeal to pay for the cost of public notice and written notice to interested parties.

(d) At the hearing, any party may appear in person, by agent or by an attorney licensed to practice in this state.

(e) Every decision by the board must be in writing and state findings of fact and conclusions of law on which the board based its decision. If the board fails to provide findings of fact and conclusions of law adequate for decision by the circuit court and as a result of the failure, the circuit court returns an appealed matter to the board and dismisses jurisdiction over an applicant's appeal without deciding the matter, whether the court returns the matter with or without restrictions, the board shall pay any additional costs for court filing fees, service of process and reasonable attorneys' fees required to permit the person appealing the board's decision to return the matter to the circuit court for completion of the appeal.

(f) The written decision by the board shall be rendered within thirty days after the hearing. If the board fails to render a written decision within thirty days after the hearing, then any party may pursue additional legal remedies to obtain a decision, including, but not limited to, seeking a writ of mandamus.