§8A-8-12. Stays; exception.

(a) When an appeal has been filed with the board of Zoning Appeals, all proceedings and work on the premises in question shall be stayed, except as provided in subsection (b) of this section.

(b) A stay may not be had:

(1) If the official or board from where the appeal was taken certifies in writing to the board of Zoning Appeals that a stay would cause imminent peril to life or property;

(2) Upon further administrative proceedings, including, but not limited to, submissions to and reviews by the staff or any administrative body; or

(3) Upon engineering or architectural work that does not disturb the real estate beyond what is necessary to complete engineering, survey work or other tests.

(c) If the written certification is filed pursuant to subdivision (1), subsection (b) of this section, then proceedings or work on the premises shall not be stayed.

(d) Nothing in this section prevents a party from obtaining a restraining order.